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Information regarding the “History” of Sandy Beach Lake was collected from various locations. A large amount of information and references come from a book titled – “The History of Sandy Beach – 70 Years – 1914 to 1984, which was written by Eleanor Campbell and Shirley Aston. Thanks goes to these ladies for their efforts in creating that book.

sandy-beach-beachAs noted above – recorded activity at the Sandy Beach Lake, dates back to 1914. At that time, and until the 1930’s, this area was a popular tenting and picnic spot.

In the 1930’s, development of log and wood frame cabins were constructed.

In the 1950’s, Mr. RJR (Bob) Noyes, Mr. Arthur Shortell and Mr. Ilston Plant formed the first “Sandy Beach Association”, with the purpose of having power brought into the properties.

The original requirement to have power brought into the area, was to have a minimum of 20 people or cabins sign up, at a cost of $100.00 each.

In the early 1960’s, the Province of Saskatchewan was promoting a Regional Parks Association, and the “Sandy Beach Lake Regional Park Authority” (SBLRPA) was formed. Mr. Joe McLean was very instrumental at promoting this association.

The “SBLRPA” became official – On October 20, 1966, at the City of Lloydminster council chambers. Mr. Emerson Luther became the first President of the Association, with Mr. McLean as Vice President and Mr. Plant as Secretary / Treasurer.

Over time, additional lands were obtained through donations and purchases. Development of the park lands continued with park facilities being built, additional cabins popping up, hundreds of trees being planted, and the development of a nine hole golf course.

For interest sake, in 1968 the annual lease fees for cabin owners was $50.00 per year, the seasonal rate for a vehicle pass was $2.00 and a day pass for a vehicle (including scooters and “power bikes” was $0.50.

“The Beach” has seen many changes over time, and has experienced the ups and downs of activity levels.

With the City of Lloydminster taking water from wells immediate to Sandy Beach, the 80’s saw the water level in the Sandy Beach Lake drop. This caused a slowing of activity for a number of years, but many a “long timer” stuck it out and expected that the water would return. The good times for many never did leave.

When the City of Lloydminster started bringing their water from the North Saskatchewan River, the natural water table would allow the lake to begin to rise, and the level of the lake has definitely seen an increase.

The last number of years has seen a strong interest in “The Beach”, and the level of activity is such that it is a strong, vibrant and thriving leisure area.

This Park and Lake is a small jewel that is just a short drive from Lloydminster.

Come on out and see for yourselves what a great time you can have at “The Beach”.