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sandy-beach-golfer1957: Mrs. Meville took over the concession from Mrs. Ferguson.
1958 – 1961 & 1963 – 1980: Lorne Aston’s Swimming Lessons
Sleepy Hollow – Now an Area – Started with Cabin 28; Davidson’s cabin was formerly Billy Hurd’s paint shop in Lloydminster (hence the store front look).
1972 & 1973: Jean Lake was the Recreation Director
1971 – 1978: Cpl. “Joe” Belyea was a regular visitor to Sandy Beach as he was in charge of the Rural Detachment that covered the area.
“One of the best things our parents ever did was to buy our cabin at Sandy Beach Lake. Some of our happiest memories are of the summers we spent there.” – Susan Garner
“Skinny Dipping” at Basset’s Point (Second Point)
Bats in the Pavillion
77 Sunset Strip; The Jack Family set up in the 1960’s.
High Water Times; had to tie a rope from the change house to the power pole that was/is on the beach, and was under water.
Low Water Times
Golf Tournaments
Penny Candies and Ice Cream from the Concession
Ski-doo Rallies and Skating Parties
Messum family would picnic in the 1920’s, arriving in a Model T.
Friday Night Dances at the Pavillion
Berry Picking
Working Hard and Playing Hard
Family Reunions
Sneaking from Mom and Dad’s Cooler
Catching Frogs, Minnows, Bloodsuckers, Butterflies and Bees
Skunks Aplenty
“Blackrock Ladies” Bake Sales
Night Golf and Black Bears
Northern Lights Dancing in the Sky
Hide and Seek, Kick the Can, and Sardines
Campfires, Wiener Roasts, Marshmallows, and Ghost Stories
Sandy Beach Drive-In with Freshly Popped Popcorn
Fireworks – Planned or Spur of the Moment
“Jam Can” Curling – Poplar Blocks and Kitchen Cupboard Handles
Horseshoe Tournaments
Bottle Picking on “The Hill” – After weekend party goers had been out from town.
Good Friends and Great Times